Kung Fu for Kids

Building character and nurturing talent; all while having fun.

Kung Fu is the ultimate way of bringing purpose and direction in life.
Children brimming with talent just need guidance and mentorship to realize their potential. At KUNGFU REPUBLIC, we provide holistic Kung Fu training for kids to help them grow and enjoy at the same time, empowering them up for succeeding in life.

Kids Kung Fu Training Online

Whether Kung Fu Panda spurred the love of martial arts or Jackie Chan’s stunts inspire your children, KUNGFU REPUBLIC lays the platform for them to follow their heroes.
Children of all ages can avail of free online Kung Fu training designed according to their age and skill.

We have set up kids Kung Fu training in 3 levels:

As a child learns and improves, they progress to next stage.

Empowering Young Minds & Spirits

Kung Fu training encompasses all aspects of children’s development.
Not only do they gain physical strength, balance, and flexibility, they also learn to focus their minds and connect with their inner self.
From improving concentration to seamlessly performing complex sequences, our students become sharper and proactive individuals.

Alongside training, our Kung Fu classes focus on imparting the values the martial art represents:

Kung Fu Styles

Martial arts is a comprehensive world comprising multiple styles.

Every student that takes up Kung Fu with KUNGFU REPUBLIC embraces the style that resonates with them.

With flexible online classes, they can try out Kung Fu styles at their own pace and practice regularly.

From Shaolin to Praying Mantis, we offer free online Kung Fu training for kids to explore the form of their choice from the best masters in the world.

Video Playlist

Channel kids’ positive energy for
their growth with Kung Fu.

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