Tai Chi Ball

Embrace Tai Chi Ball training. Set Yourself Up For Success.

Before, the secret art of Tai Chi Ball was only passed on to a handful of trusted individuals who would acquire and demonstrate mastery in the fundamentals of Tai Chi training.

Today, the masters at KUNGFU REPUBLIC provide Tai Chi Ball training for every individual willing to transform their mind, body, and spirit.

Learn from the best. Excel at life. Embrace Tai Chi Ball.

Way More Than Just Balancing A Ball

The Tai Chi Ball is like the Taijitu symbol – free-flowing, endless, and perfectly balanced.

In Tai Chi Ball training, practitioners learn to think of the ball as part of themselves. Every movement is aligned with the flow of energy (Qi) in their body.

The whole body becomes one coordinated organ.

At KUNGFU REPUBLIC, we teach students to feel the sensation of the ball beforehand; to preempt its path. Whether you are a beginner or an enthusiast, Tai Chi Ball training puts you in control of the energy around you.

Tai Chi Ball Training

Tai Chi Ball training is about gaining power, strength, flexibility in one’s movements.

It is as rewarding as it is challenging. In the initial stages, students practice light balls (1kg)  and then train their way to controlling 10kg to 15kg balls with ease.

For a martial artist, it supports fighting (sanda), pushing hands (tui shou), grappling (chin na), and weapons (wuqi) skills.

From applying the eight principles of Tai Chi Chuan to connecting with Qi, our Kung Fu classes incorporate it all.

Fitness & Healing

Tai Chi Ball training provides strength and control to a person. One can react quickly and move flexibly and avoid back pain and muscle injuries.

This Kung Fu training also helps one bounce back from illness faster, build a more proactive immune system, and improve cardiovascular function.

Free Online Kung Fu Training

From the basics of Tai Chi to gaining mastery over Tai Chi Ball training, you can do it all through the KUNGFU REPUBLIC platform.

Now, this precious art can carry on from renowned masters to students around the world.

Watch our Kung Fu lessons one by one and become a Tai Chi Ball master yourself!

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