Special Kung Fu Techniques

Kung Fu Republic is a Kung Fu or Chinese Martial Arts School in Sydney, which does provide special courses that required more advanced skill and technique to learn. If you are an experienced Kung Fu learner, you may be interested to know our special courses below:

Iron Palm Training

The ancient iron hand training, to give out a powerful strike with a bare hand.

Weapons Training

Learn all major weapons training here, includes Dao, Qiang, Jian & Gun.

Self Defense / Chin Na Training

Self Defense course includes Chin Na or Grappling skills. The most important skill...

Pushing Hands Training

Working in pairs, pushing hands course trains reflex & more.

Tao Meditation

The greatest benefit of Tao Meditation is to help you relax, stay calm, and learn about yourself.

Iron Arms Training

Iron Arm Kung Fu (“Tie Bi Gong” in Chinese) is a kind of self-defense skill by using a type of projectile weapon,

Still cannot a course that you are interested?

Contact us directly and let us know what you want to learn. We are sure we can teach anything in Kung Fu that you would like to learn.